Water fitness classes can benefit individuals who are just starting to exercise, as well as those who would like a more intense workout (each person exercises at his/her own pace). Water exercises put less stress on joints than land exercises because the effects of gravity are minimized.  Working against water resistance improves muscle strength and tone and cardio endurance.  Swimming skills are not needed for participation. 

Shallow-Water Workout 
This full-body workout is a combination of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle conditioning, and interval training.  You do not need to put your head under water, but your hair may get wet for this class.
Ages: 14 and up
Schedule:  Monday - Friday, 9 - 10 am

Water Walking:
Come in and water walk on your own!  It increases strength, flexibility, and builds endurance.  No swimming ability is necessary.
Ages: 18 and up
Fee: Free to members
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9-10am


Aqua Bootcamp: This upbeat, insanely fun water workout is a mixture of our current land fitness classes HIIT, Boot Camp, & Tabata except it takes place IN WATER! Not only will you love it, you will also find that you’re strengthening your muscles in every way! Come check it out!
Days:    Tues
Time:    6:00-7:00pm
Fees:    Members:  Free  /  Community: Day Pass


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